The Mamata Banerjee government has decided to rename West Bengal as “Bengal” and “Banga” respectively in English and Bengali. The decision was taken during a cabinet meeting chaired by the Chief Minister at the state secretariat today.
“Inorder to place our demands better in various central meetings, we have decided to rename our state as Bangla or Bengal. We will hold a special assembly session for this purpose on August 26,” informed state education minister Partha Chatterjee after the cabinet meeting. Mamata wants West Bengal to be renamed as “Banga” or “Bangla” in Bengali and simply “Bengal” in English.
According to sources, the step was initiated after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee complained that state officials had to wait a long during most Central meetings as timings were decided based on names in the alphabetical order. Mamata was apparently miffed that her state always figured at the bottom of the list just because alphabetically it is placed way down in the line. She reportedly got tired of waiting her turn till the end during various inter-state council meetings as West Bengal starts with “W” which is 23rd on the list of English alphabets. If the state is renamed as “Bengal” then it will rise ahead of others in the alphabetical order, thus solving the problem.
The state government has decided to call for a special assembly session for the purpose on August 26. Once a resolution is passed in the state assembly, it will then be sent to the Central government for consideration. The government will first call an all party meet to discuss the proposal before the resolution is moved in the floor of the house.