Tal Peleg is a passionate visual makeup artist, who believes that makeup can be so much more than meet the eyes.Movies, animals, music, books are Tal Peleg’s inpirtaion.  “I choose my favourite themes, give it my own unique interpretation, and turn it into colourful eye-artistry designs,”wrote Tal Peleg on BoredPanda.Tal Peleg uses her eyes as a canvas for her beautiful work of art. Tal Peleg uses various makeup products, super tiny brushes for doing art work on her eyes. Tal Peleg says that a lot of patience is required while doing this work.“I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the natural curves of the eyelid and the eyebrow as part of the illustration in a creative way,” Tal Peleg says.Tal Peleg has been doing this work for years now“I give my heart into each and every design,” Tal Peleg says.