Today my post is about how to Make Your Feet Soft and Fair at Home. “Women”– the word when heard reminds of beauty. Beauty in all aspects, starting from hair till feet should be beautiful. Most of the women take care of their hair, face, hands and legs and they don’t really feel that feet are the most neglected part of the body. Dry feet are caused due to working in water with bare foot and contact with harsh soaps and detergents can damage the texture of the feet.The skin on our feet is typically dry compared to the rest of our body. This is because there are no oil glands in our feet to keep them moisturized. And so it becomes super essential that we take extra care of our feet. It doesn’t matter how beautifully your nails are painted, if you have dry flaky skin on your feet. Bad feet are a big turn-off. But don’t worry. You can easily have soft, beautiful feet without spending hefty bucks and long time on salon for pedicure. Neither you need to buy those expensive foot care products from market. In this article we have shared some foot scrub recipes that you can easily make at home. So read on to know, how to make foot scrub at home.

Yogurt and Pineapple Foot Scrub

Put ½ cup of chopped pineapple in food processor and blend it till it becomes crushed. In a separate bowl, take 1 tbsp of yogurt and ½ cup of sugar. Now add the crushed pineapple to that bowl and combine everything well. Scrub this all over your feet and wash off.

This is a yummy homemade foot scrub that gives you clean and nourished feet.

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Foot Scrub

This scrub is very easy to make. Take 1 tbsp each of brown sugar, olive oil and baking soda. Mix well together. Scrub this all over the feet and wash off. This scrub can be used on elbows and knees too.

Brown sugar exfoliates the feet, olive oil moisturizes and nourishes our feet, while baking soda cleanses and whitens the skin.


Coffee Foot Scrub

Take 4 tbsp of ground coffee in a mixing bowl. To this, add 3 tbsp each of ground oats, sea salt and olive oil/almond oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Your coffee foot scrub is ready. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to it for a relaxing feeling.

This is an awesome homemade foot scrub that instantly refreshes and relaxes our tired feet.


Sugar and Lemon Foot Scrub

Put ½ cup of granulated sugar in a mixing bowl. Pour ¼ cup of almond oil gradually while stirring the sugar continuously to get a soft and wet paste. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to it. Gently massage your feet with this homemade foot scrub for few minutes and rinse off.

This foot scrub will give you a refreshing feeling of foot spa.


These all natural foot scrubs will not only make your feet soft and beautiful, but also save you a lot of money. These are free from chemicals and preservatives and moreover, it’s quite fun giving your feet a spa