The Prince of Tollywood was coming on the back of the superhit film Srimanthudu when his Brahmotsavam released this year. Unfortunately, for Mahesh Babu and director Srikanth Addala the movie bombed at the box office. The audience and critics rejected the film though it was said to be a family film. The story was badly scripted and screenplay was weak too. There were more than 20 known actors in the film and the end result was a hotchpotch which was rejected outright by the audience.
The family sentiment and drama works well with the Telugu audience but sadly Brahmotsavam failed to deliver. The star’s fans on social media started to trend all types of hashtags against the film and the director. They blamed Srikanth Addala for giving them a terrible film and letting down Mahesh Babu as well. But the Prince decided to step in. Deccan Chronicle quoted Mahesh Babu as saying, “Don’t blame the director for the failure, as I want to take the responsibility. It was my choice to pick director Srikanth Addala for the film and it’s my error of judgement.” It is reported that Mahesh Babu did not see the final cut of the edited film which is produced by PVP. Thus, he is said to have taken the blame for the debacle.

Mahesh Babu had a bad run before Srimanthudu and now it looks like he has to look at his next film carefully. He is working with director A R Murugadoss who has delivered hits in Tamil and Hindi. Their film will be a high-octane action romance and will hopefully put Mahesh Babu back on track. The Telugu star is in London on a holiday with his family. Once he comes back he will start the Murugadoss film.