Harry Potter fans are known for being obsessive and enthusiastic, showing their commitment to JK Rowling’s wizarding world by dressing up and attending
conventions, writing fanfiction, and even tattooing famous quotes from the books onto themselves.
Now the magic is continuing in a stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, with the rehearsal script published on Harry’s birthday, 31 July.
To celebrate, many fans are updating their beauty routine and pimping their nails with Harry Potter designs.
One Instagram user, Polly Maeve, has had a couple of Harry Potter nail designs done, most focusing on the popular deathly hallows symbol. She said she
still feels incredibly strongly about the books.
‘I grew up with Harry Potter and it has always been something I can escape into whether I’m going through hard times or if I just want to unwind,’ Polly
This notion that a lot of young women had, that they grew up with the characters, is perhaps one reason why nail art based on the series is still so popular.
Whilst the designs Polly gets, created by Janni Banani Nails, are mainly simple but effective, others have incredibly complex mini artworks on their fingers.
Instagram user Alexis has created a number detailed nail art looks based on Harry Potter characters.
One of her designs features a painting of Albus Dumbledore on one nail, and his loyal phoenix Fawkes on another.
Another creative design has the thumb nail painted with a wand casting a spell, with the four other nails showing the spell flying through the air across
Lightening bolts, glasses, and the golden snitches are also common features, as are Hogwarts house themed designs.
No matter how detailed or professional, what matters is that people are having ‘sirius’ fun with their manicures.