Isn’t it so annoying when you’re, like, getting out of your car and all the sudden you’re accosted by the paparazzi snapping pictures of you insolently as you try to make your way into the yoga studio? The wooooooooorst! 28-year-old Safi Siddiqui thought so too, which is why he invented a wearable way to flip off anybody trespassing on your privacy with their camera. It’s called the ISHU scarf, and it’s like something straight out of Dumbledore’s magic hat, or wherever Harry gets his cool props from. The “anti-paparazzi” device is made of a fabric enhanced with thousands of nano-spherical crystals, which in layman’s terms means it reflects light directly into the camera lens and renders all flash photography utterly useless. Naturally, this is a lifesaver for important people like me but also for celebrities, many of whom are way stoked on this invisibility cloak. ISHU (that’s “issue” + “shh”, I see what you did there Siddiqui) is really only helpful at nighttime, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Nick Jonas, Tyrone, and a bunch of soccer players you’ve never heard of from wearing it at all hours of the day. Everyone is so stoked over this scarf as a matter of fact, that crashed and stayed crashed since BuzzFeed put it on blast earlier today. We’ve heard of a fat ass breaking the Internet, but a scarf? What a time to be alive.