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Some people not only nurse bizarre hobby, but also the act that knuckle under to suppress teeth. California, some terrace Maksimk unsurpassed passion to the outside of your house and it made a Kolddrink pool bathing own video and upload to social networking sites. More than 6800 liters of bath …
Tekreks name on YouTube, said in the video that he extended terrace Kolddrink thousand bottles were collected. Then one day in your lawn more than 6800 liters commissioned bathtub. Kolddrink the Mentos and 200 pounds of ice mixed with lumps. He then bathed in plenty.
However, scientifically Kolddrink Mentos meet with the full scope of the chemical reaction occurs. Kolddrink Mentos exhaust gas flowing out of the carbon dioxide and prepare a mixture, which is likely to explode in general. It can be life, but the reaction from terrace living by filling bathed in the pool without fear.