Made 366 tattoos for making World Record

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His passion to make the world record and became the unique adventures. Many to make the world record after record, he has all his teeth removed. These are light sage every Delhi. He was born in 1942 in theaters in the capital. 366 on your body, they can flag the precautionary my name is registered in the Guinness Book of the World Records. Straw in the mouth to keep them on the 496 record. Why the entire tooth removed …
For the record, only to discover that the sage is so crazy that he removed all his teeth inside the mouth so that they can make record keeping 500 Straw. Replace every light sage himself Guinness Rishi started to say. His wife is also complemented them. The less time to write their names in the record. The first record in 1990 with 1001 hours scooter running mate was made. It has so far claimed more than 20 record. The pizza delivery from Delhi to San Francisco, 4 minutes Tmato ingest ketchup bottle, 64-inch sugar cube and make the older child is adopted record.

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