Jalandhar. Indian cinema Dadasaheb Phalke film Fastivl best young and experienced filmmakers Jagritipuarn each year, dedicated to entertaining and progressive renaissance presentations are rewarded. 6 Lovely Profasnl university students this year held in New Delhi during the sixth edition of his aid Fastivl film “Mo-Do Do the New ‘was deemed the session. Students submitted under section, LPU students in India and 45 other countries this add movie from complete were ranked among the best.

This award-winning, LPU students of School of Journalism and Film Production BSc second year student and all these different states of India, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal are related. Preetham Dev Ed is the Director of the film, Sinmatografr Gopidi Wamshi Krishna, Shubham Malakr Plerait screen, editor and actor Anish Deepak Kumar Kashyap. Another student adorn Poddar School of Business BCom program is related to the land and worked for the Human Resource.

It is extremely inspiring film Ed observers Siklati stems around them or society, is to solve problems like a leader. Such exemplary leadership is followed shortly by the people of Assam and the problem completely: is resolved. Ed in the film is shown to a Hostlr your plate and glass after a meal does not put in place because there are already many other lying scattered.

He takes the initiative and scattered pots and others a place to put it correctly makes the proper location. Others soon followed and it seems all the discipline and cleanliness. The ad film production company hoax hatched by students at the University has been made by Fox Films production house. Several other short films by the students themselves are created on youth issues.
LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal congratulated the creative team and the students for their bright future, said to maintain the creativity. Mr Mittal also informed that the fourth edition of Feastivl short film poster for ‘LPU Another student from Asif Khan has been deemed.