A three­-hour tape recorded surreptitiously at a farm kitchen table is going to clearly show Curtis Vey, 52 and Angela Nicholson, 51 plotting to kill their spouses, says Crown prosecutor Lori O’Connor.

Brigitte Vey hid her iPod under the table on July 1, 2013, believing that her husband was having an affair.

She did not expect to find him allegedly plotting a double murder.

She took the recording to RCMP and the pair were arrested on July 6.

This tape will be played in court today in Court of Queen’s Bench in Prince Albert, Sask.

In her opening remarks to a six­-man, six-­woman jury, O’Connor laid out the basics of the Crown’s case. In addition to the iPod audio, O’Connor also plans on tendering recordings that Vey and Nicholson made unwittingly with undercover police officers who had been placed in their cells after they were arrested.

The Crown’s first witness Tuesday was RCMP Cpl. Dereck Wierzbicki.

He described how officers kept Vey and Nicholson under surveillance for three days before arresting them and seizing a variety of cell phones and computers.

Officers also searched their homes, vehicles and property. Under cross­-examination by defence lawyer Aaron Fox, Wierzbicki said officers found no paperwork or other recordings where the couple discussed murdering their spouses.

The trial is scheduled to run nine days.