Lovely sweets customers’ strong demand studio two years ago on June 10, 2014 as the lovely baked bakery introduction of a premium for residents who had no time for people in Punjab and became the number one bakery . Lovely studio today its second anniversary this year, Beck celebrated with much fanfare and for customers on the spot ‘with a’ Special of the people also offered plenty of choice and shopping also fiercely.

Lovely Beck Director of Studios on the occasion infancy Mittal said in the past two years has been a priority of studio Beck Lovely his customers the best quality and taste could provide.

Beck Lovely studio on the second anniversary commemorating special arrangements were for customers. Special cakes were Saremni and Director infancy Mittal met customers and their lovely Beck Beck studio to studio to suggest that in the future new varieties could relate to people’s choice.

Lovely Mango Festival Week held last week in the back, which was also one of the best varieties of mangoes were used by the customers loved it. The Lovely baked bakery Aagles Studio 100 percent. The cake, Pestrij, cookies, dry cakes, chocolate, Mufin are lots of Variety. Lovely Beck in the studio all the products are made by chefs Profasnl. Beck studio recently launched by Lovely Kitty recent customers to get good support.