Lovely Academy (LAC) students in Punjab once again pre-medical entrance test (P M ET) by bringing the top ranks of the Academy have earned the reputation for. In keeping with its tradition of LAC p m e t 2016 result of 80% over the highest pass percentage in Punjab once again proved its mettle is bringing. LAC were successful students Abhishek Singh, precious quintessence, the fascination Ajram, Citraj Kunwar Singh, Neha Bains, Jaspreet Kaur, Gurgopal Singh, Sheena, Surabhi kaler, Knupria, Swati, love Shimmer, Manisha, Menu Khokhar, Amita, Komldeep sawen, Priyanshu Sharma’s name and several others have also received excellent rank.

Earlier, top-ranked and top LAC JEE main results obtained pass percentage has proven its superiority. With such good results in the LAC Co Iptitiv study is believed to be one of the best educational institutions. In fact, the Academy Lovely top medical and engineering professionals to prepare one for determination. Nurture students succeeded a year, two-year foundation course of a year or short-term target for the crash course was trained at the academy.

LAC director Aman Mittal said: We are proud of our students and we are encouraged by the top-ranked and highest pass percentage with good scores is p m e t passed. The main reason for this success is that the students are given individual attention in small batches and the academy in order to select the faculty employed quota, Kanpur, Delhi etc have been. Mr Mittal further informed done within the first year of its establishment in the third and AI EEE LAC PMT Punjab (Punjab) was ranked fourth.

Asked by Jaspreet this success formula is that she said it – such co Iptitiv test is very important for success in the power of the mind. Together with our academic preparation in the Academy gave our guide such moral incentives. Indeed, LAC contributed all the way to our success. We consider one of the region’s top coaching centers.

The good study environment with modern facilities to provide a very good Lovely Academy Institute. Here is a grand library with comfortable air-conditioning classes. The expert staff members at the national level examinations Pratyogi specially designed learning materials, test papers, tests of Mach Madhys prepare students.