Love and sex, both are beautiful emotions felt by everyone at least once in their lives. Both of them are mesmerizing things and everyone desires for them every once in a while. And why shouldn’t they? Everyone deserves it and every other person has their own rights to have sex and be loved. With love and sex, comes the inter relation of marriage. Marriage is solely related to love and sex along with many other things also. But love and sex, both are two essential elements for keeping the marriage from falling apart, for keeping it more romantic, more enduring, and more pleasant and more adventurous.

However, both love and sex canbring misery to the marriage. Sometimes, in some of the marriages there comes a time when both the partners are tired of each other. They don’t feel that spark that they once did. Most of the times, this problem presents itself because of a lack of communication. Or maybe, both the partners have stopped compromising?

You know, before you are actually married, both the partners try very hard and sacrifice a lot for each other in order to see the other one happy and seeing the other’s happiness automatically makes you happy. But as the time passes, some couples stop working on their marriage. They love each other but they are not in love with each other anymore.

Communication is also very important throughout marriage. You need to communicate with your partner and talk about stuff. Try to work things out and try to make the sex more enjoyable. Stop thinking about other things while having sex with your partner, just focus on him or her. Try to live every day as if you people just got married. Every day is a new day so make a new start every day! Woo your significant other all over again, and add flavor to your marriage.