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These photos of the dog at first sight may seem fake, but it’s not. The dog is in the real, whose name is Major. Penmaan lives in South Wales in the UK, which are honor Brian and Julie Williams. 7 feet in length, where the dog is 3 years, the weight is more than 76 kg. America and Britain are already two dogs …
Brian and Julie Williams, the world’s largest dog are told. Be gauged by looking at the size that is growing very quickly in the Guinness Book of Records will register your name as the longest dog. However, the 7-foot-long, two other dogs that already exist, including one American, the other is in Essex. The US is also recorded in the Guinness Book of Great Dane. Meanwhile, Brian and Julie explains that the dog is very lazy and sleeps up to 22 hours. Sometimes they are even afraid of his shadow.
55-year-old said Major Brian is great fun and big heart. Anyone who sees it, he seems to love it. He plays with us throughout the day. Adult-size mattress to sleep it requires. Please tell the Brian family undertakes a Falconri center where they leave open the Major. In fact, this dog does not like to be locked in place.