A makeup trend that women can swear by this season is crystal. We tell you how you can sport this look with elan…
For women who are high on bling, do not restrict yourself to clothes and accessories alone. Crystal make-up, which has been seen at the international as well as domestic runways this year, is high among current fashion charts.

Nishi Chatwani, makeup professional says, “While last few years have seen the rise of smokey eyes and blue eye shadows, this year is all about wearing shiny and crystalised make-up. And the best way to do it is by wearing it on your eyelids.”

Three creative ways to wear this look
– Go for the smokey eye look. Instead of blending in the usual black eye shadow, take a small quantity of grey and blue to create a different colour combination.
– After you have applied the blush, you can take a few quantity of crystals (similar to eye crystals) and apply it on your cheeks. Make sure that you do not go overboard with it, since it can kill the look altogether.

Crystal eyes

 Before applying make-up, wash your face with a cream-based cleanser and pat dry.
  Take a generous amount of lotion (preferably aloe vera) and apply it on your face. Let it dry.
  Take a small quantity of primer and blend it on your face well.
 Next, instead of applying foundation, it is recommended that you apply compact powder. Dust off the excess from your eyes.
  Line your outer eyelids with black gel eyeliner. You can also apply kajal if you want. Take a small amount of shimmer and dust it on your eyelids. You can then take a few pieces of crystallised balls and stick it on the shimmer.
  Make sure that you dust off the shimmer and excess crystals from your face.
 To complement the eyes, make sure that you apply a lighter lip shade. Nudes and pinks look the best.