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Snake says not ask bruised water, hence the hearing people tremble with fear. Nevertheless, a country where many people are afraid to do all of these snakes, but they will eat and kill poisonous snakes. Indonesia is one such country. If people here eat a dish made from snakes, as well poisonous drink cobra blood fondly. Power for the beautiful appearance of sex so no drinks blood …
Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, where the cobra’s blood and increase the power of sex to fix health drink, the women drink it to make your skin beautiful. He believes that by drinking the blood of a cobra skin glossy. Cobra is sold in most areas of Jakarta’s blood and people walking in the evening time to try the drink. However, some people eat the meat.
Given the increasing demand of blood cut thousands of snakes are the daily shopper. The restaurant opens at 5 pm and closes at 1 AM. One night, the seller earns 5 to Rs 10 lakh. To tell you that the Indonesian army during the war, that such training is provided in adversity to survive by drinking the blood of snakes. Indonesia such training has been given to the US Army during the trip.