Arvind Kejriwal is currently holding a live interaction ‘Talk to AK. Get the latest updates here
Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal is holding a live interactive session with people on Sunday and he will be taking questions through social media.
The programme named ‘Talk to AK’ is similar to that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat. It will be an hour-long session and to ask questions people may log on to ‘’ or call on 011-2339299.
Live updates:
12:56 pm: Arvind Kejriwal ends interaction programme with a promise of holding second edition of TalkToAK in next one or two months.
12:50 pm: Due to lack of good conditions, the teaching community was ‘depressed’. We fixed accountability of teachers and other staff in Delhi and we sent them to foreign universities for training. Action was also taken against some. We will implement the same in Punjab, Goa, Gujarat, etc.
12:50 pm: Question: Government teachers are earning good salary but still state of education is very bad. What can be done about it?
12:47 pm: Manish Sisodia: We are doing a lot to promote sports by building new infrastructure. We also organised Kabaddi in all the constituencies of Delhi. We are also planning to build a sports university.
12:47 pm: Caller question: What ideas do you have for Delhi related to sports?
12:40 pm: Kejriwal receives questions regarding free wi-fi facility in Delhi and land pooling policy.
12:26 pm: Kejriwal invites Commando Surender (MLA from Delhi Cant) and introduces him. During 26/11 attack in Mumbai, Commando Surender was part of unit which was sent to exterminate terrorists in Taj Hotel. When i met him, he was struggling to get pension and we later fielded him from Delhi Cant. Central government’s police kept him in jail for one day because he saw an officer asking for money from a Delhi’s poor and he interfered. Police did not take action against officer but arrested him. Our MLAs are similarly arrested by putting false allegations on them : Arvind Kejriwal in TalkToAK
12:25 pm: You MLAs keep getting arrested and your PS also got arrested. Dont you do background check?
12:25 pm: We are looking into many options and might organise it again during winters – Kejriwal
12:24 pm: Caller question: We have seen odd-even policy twice in Delhi. Are you planning to organise it again or looking for alternative solutions?12:18 pm: We are not playing ‘victim card’ but Delhi’s people have become victims because of policies of central government.
12:18 pm: Question: Why are you always against the central government? Are you playing the victim card to hide reality?
12:16 pm: Arvind Kejriwal reads letter written by Gujarat minister to him claiming that there was understanding between AIMIM and BJP ahead of Bihar elections.
12:14 pm: It is a very good idea and we will do something about it. We cannot hold a referendum as per constitution but we will try and organise an opinion poll in Delhi – Kejriwal on TalkToAK
12:13 pm: Caller question: Sanjeev from Kerala asks – You always say central government and PM Modi is interfering in your work. Why not go for a referendum where Delhi people chose wheather they want full statehood or not?
12:09 pm: AAP is a party of youth and i request the youth of country to join politics. We have started an Urban fellowship and working upon it. It is a shame that nation’s capital is so dirty. The issue is political because Delhi’s cleanliness is not under Delhi government but MCD. BJP controls the MCD and they have messed up Delhi’s cleanliness condition – Arvind Kejriwal
12:08 pm: Called from Hyderabad: How are you planning youth involvement in Delhi government work? How are you planning to make Delhi clean?
12:06 pm: When our government came to power, one MLAs salary was Rs 12,000 and we have increased it to Rs 50,000. It is being done so that the ministers earn enough to run their family and not indulge any corrupt activity to get extra money – Kejriwal in TalkToAK
12:05 pm: Question: What was the need of increasing the salary of Delhi ministers?
12:03 pm: Kejriwal promises action will be taken.
12:02 pm: Caller asks question: I am Sandeep Mathur from Tughlaqabad area in Delhi. I have filed a complaint and have been seeking a reply to that for many weeks now. There is construction work going on our street and it is causing a lot of problems since last 2 months.
12:00 pm: We have distributed work to different MLAs but we don’t pay them anything, nor any facility is provided to them. The post of Parliamentary secretary was necessary to give them authority. We have talked to lawyers and they are saying that it is not ‘office of profit : Kejriwal
11:59 am: Question: 21 of your ministers are working as parliamentary secretaries and they face disqualification. Why give them a designation?
11:55 am: There is no comparison to RSS when it comes to spreading rumors. We have only spent 75 crore on advertising and not 526 crore as claimed by many – Kejriwal in TalkToAK
11:54 am: I met PM Modi and asked him to let us work in peace. I told him that i can make Delhi like London in two years – Kejriwal
11:50 am: Anti-corruption branch has been taken-over by Central government. Now it only works against Delhi government: Kejriwal in TalkToAK
11:48 am: Kejriwal attacks Central government over transferring of officers. There is a shortage of officers in Delhi but our officers are being transferred to other places. It is causing a delay in work.
11:47 am: MTNL line closes down because of heavy traffic. Questions being taken on SMS number now
11:44 am: Arvind Kejriwal replies: We have done a lot of work and there is no doubt about it but there are a lot of problems that we face. There are a number of bills passed by Delhi Assembly but Central Government is not giving a nod to them.
11:43 am: First question: On one hand you say that PM Modi is not letting you work and on the other hand you take out advertisements claiming you have achieved so much. How is that possible?
11:42 am: Kejriwal starts taking questions.
11:40 am: Arvind Kejriwal: Only 8 to 10 people are involved in hoarding of pulses and grains leading to a hike in prices. Action should be taken against them.
11:35 am: Loan to farmers should be waived and minimum support price should be set at 50 per cent above the expenditure incurred.
11:30 am: Governments pays minuscule amount to farmers as compensation of crop failure. We have paid Rs 20,000 per hectare.
11:26 am: Kejriwal compares electricity bill level in Delhi with Gujarat, Mumbai, Punjab and other areas.
11:24 am: This time we have an honest government in Delhi and that is why we are able to save a lot of taxpayer’s money.
11:20 am: Delhi’s development model is also being discussed in America now. They are looking into the success of ‘mohalla clinics’
11:15 am: Kejriwal says there is an urgent need to increase the budget of Education, Health among others.
11:10 am: Delhi Chief Minister says they have saved taxpayer’s money and stopped ‘donation’ trend to get admission in schools.
11:05 am: Kejriwal talks about Delhi government’s work and initiatives taken by it.11:00 am: Arvind Kejriwal’s interactive session begins. Live streaming available on