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Beijing. In many such cases around the world, bizarre, about whom there is surprise. A similar case in China’s Sichuan province is connected to a man called Zhang Cheng. Indeed, the man in the stomach tumor was so big that it was looking as though the person is pregnant. 15 kg tumor was 10 years of …
Please tell the person carrying the tumor first appeared in 2004. Due to the cash-strapped compulsion forced to live life like a pregnant woman with the tumor was. Meanwhile, the tumor has grown to 15 per kg. Zhang had an impact on the health of the mind, then he raised money somehow mustered the courage to flush through and tumor operation.
Military Hospital of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, said the lead surgeon, Dr. Dye Ruiwoo tumor on the patient’s abdomen was put heavy pressure. The surgery took more than approximately 6 hours. Moreover, the surgery under the supervision of the Department of Clinical 3. Dr. Dye said Zhang’s condition after surgery is still in danger, because the body of the patient during surgery is too much blood shed.