21:58 hrs: SIX! Short from Hooda and Gambhir hits it all the way for the first maximum of the innings

21:55 hrs: WICKET! Uthappa gone! Drives on the up and it is straight to covers. Sran strikes

21:52 hrs: Only 3 runs off the 1st over from Bhuvi 2148 hrs IST: Bhuvenshwar Kumar to begin the defence for SRH

21:31 hrs: Sunrisers Hyderabad post 162/8 after Yuvraj’s 30-ball 44. But, will it be enough to defend against KKR?

21:29 hrs: Two sixes from Bipul Sharma off Morkel in the last over 2125 hrs IST:WICKET! Ojha gone too! Outside edge and Holder has second in the over

21:22 hrs: WICKET! Yuvraj Singh shuffles across as he tries of get it past short fine-leg but Holder keeps it on the stumps. Middle one knocked down!

21:18 hrs: Narine finishes his spell. SRH are 143/5 with 2 to go

21:14 hrs: Yuvraj Singh finishes the 16th over with two fours. SRH 133/5

21:13 hrs: Mix-up! Naman Ojha and Yuvraj Singh say yes-no and Gambhir’s throw hits Yuvraj’s foot. He runs back to save his wicket

21:11 hrs: WICKET! Kuldeep takes another one! Beats Cutting as he tries to come down the pitch! Stumped! 2109 hrs IST: Yuvraj Singh finishes another over with a four!

21:06 hrs: Time for the time-out

21:06 hrs: WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav with a direct-hit to run out Hooda against the run of play! Yuvraj sends Hooda back after taking a few steps. Hooda was never returning

21:o3hrs: Hooda clears his front-leg and connects to clear the mid-wicket boundary for a six! Holder under pressure now

2102 hrs: Yuvraj Singh finishes 15th over with a belligerent shot straight past the bowler for a four. SRH 109/3

2058 hrs: 14 overs gone and SRH 98/3. Yuvraj Singh and Deepak Hooda out in the middle

2054 hrs: Morne Morkel returns to bowl the 14th over

2052 hrs: SIX! Vintage Yuvraj! Down the pitch and just lofts it with a superb timing and way she goes into the second tier

2051 hrs: Kuldeep Yadav back into the attack after change of ends

2050 hrs: Yuvraj Singh manages a four on the last ball off the 12th over and SRH are 82/3 after 12 overs

2047 hrs: Sathish the new bowler and he will bowl the 12th over

2046 hrs: Only two runs from the Narine over. SRH are in trouble at the Kotla

2042 hrs: 10 overs gone and SRH are 71/3

2041 hrs: WICKET! Warner gone. Two in two for Kuldeep. Warner tries to slog but misses it. Kuldeep is ecstatic. SRH 71/3

2040 hrs: WICKET! Mosis Henriques is gone. Leading edge which goes high up in the air. Kuldeep, the bowler, settles under it and takes it

2037 hrs: Kuldeep to bowl the 10th over

2035 hrs: Holder concedes 9 runs from the over and SRH are 62/1. Time for the time-out!

2031 hrs: Holder to continue

2030 hrs: This phase of play is hurting SRH. Runs not coming fast. Kuldeep concedes only 6 runs

2027 hrs: Kuldeep Yadav to bowl the eighth over

2026 hrs: Holder also begins with a tight over. It’s 47/1 after 7 overs

2022 hrs: Jason Holder to bowl the seventh over 2021 hrs IST: Narine throws it on Warner’s legs but the batsman is quick to move his feet and flick it over mid-wicket for a four

2018 hrs: Sunil Narine starts with a bad ball down the leg-side and Warner puts it for four

2018 hrs: Henriques finishes the over with a six over mid-wicket! SRH 31/1

2016 hrs: Pathan is receiving some medical treatment after that blow

2016 hrs:DROPPED! Warner gets a leading edge, Yusuf has dropped a return catch. It was fast and unexpected but should have been taken

2013 hrs: Six runs from Morkel over and SRH are slowly rebuilding

2008 hrs: Three runs from the third over from Yusuf. SRH are 15/1

2005 hrs: Yusuf Pathan to continue for the third over

2004 hrs: WICKET! Making room for himself and trying to play it on the off-side, Dhawan is beaten by pace and loses his middle stump! SRH lose first wicket

2004 hrs: Dhawan pulls the next one over square-leg for another four

2003 hrs: An thick outside edge over backward point and it travels for four as third man fails to cut-it off

2001 hrs: Morne Morkel to bowl from the other end. Dhawan on the strike

2000 hrs: An economical first over from Yusuf. Only 4 runs from it 1958 hrs IST: Yusuf Pathan to bowl the first over and Warner on strike

1955 hrs: David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to the middle for SRH

1942 hrs: SRH have also made two changes from the last match. They have brought in Ben Cutting and Bipul Sharma in place of Kane Williamson and Karn Sharma

1940 hrs: Andre Russell still not fit for KKR. They have made 2 changes to the XI from the last game. Shakib and Rajpoot are out and Satish and Morkel comeback

1936 hrs: The two playing XIs

1929 hrs: Kolkata have won the toss and elected to bowl against Hyderabad

1926 hrs: A hint of grass at the Kotla pitch. Spinners will come into play later in the night

1925 hrs: Who will win today?

1921 hrs: SRH had the chance to be in the top two but a loss in the final league game against KKR resulted in a third place finish. With that win, KKR reached the playoffs

1920 hrs: Sunrisers Hyderabad were placed third in the table and Kolkata Knights were fourth in the points table