However, few employers who are in competition era is well appreciated. But here is a list of those employees whose actions are termed them the worst. Jacqueline Garcia is the name of a civil servant on the job despite missing 6 years old. Garcia works for water treatment plant in Spain when his attention on the long-term service award was announced. Garcia said the Local Authority felt the water treatment plant to handle the project. Because of similar water treatment plant described by Garcia Authority is reporting that they felt.
According to France’s Frederick Desnard 2010 until 2014. He has been working at a perfume company. The work which was much lighter, he was bored. Frederick for your boredom 4 lakh 14 thousand dollars from the company nearly 2 crore 77 lakh 32 thousand rupees seeking damages.
Lancashire County Council in England by an employee on the phone, he fell out of bed nearly 5,500 pounds compensation of Rs 5 lakh 35 thousand 895 were given. The rule that (accident at work) were caused.
India’s Central Public Works Department (Seepeedblyudi) a person who works for 24 years was dismissed for being absent from work. Assistant Executive Engineer AK Verma had taken sick leave in 1990, but then returned. 2 years after the case came within the ambit of the investigation, but the action was in 2015.