A new lippy hitting the market is not the most exciting thing to talk about. Besides the celebrity endorsed lines or the classics, few lipsticks manage to make a mark and even fewer find a place in people’s makeup bags.

However, it seems like beauty brand Kailijumei might manage to break the trend. The China based store that has recently expanded to the US already has users going gaga over its gorgeous lipsticks that seem like tiny works of art.

The lipsticks that look like they have a gel like texture are apparently made of all natural ingredients. According to the website, these lippies include candelilla resin, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, citric acid, plant extracts, stearyl alcohol, grape seed oil, lavender oil and 4 kinds of dried flowers.

That’s not all though. The magical properties of these lipstick don’t just end there. Besides claiming to be moisturising and smelling of lavender, the website states that the lipsticks change colour according to one’s temperature!

Each of these products are priced between USD 25 and USD 30 (Rs 1,700 – Rs 2,100) but be prepared to cry because the lipsticks are already out of stock!That’s definitely a 90s throwback any makeup junkie will adore.