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Wildlife such views are from the world many times, which is difficult to believe. Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana such incident led to, for the sake of saving a wounded tigress fox attacks the lion turned on. Photos of this event is the South African photographer Graham Dyer clicked. Said the photographer …
Photographer Graham said that suddenly I heard the sound of lions roaring. Then I saw two lioness, a lion, and their 3 children were drinking water. A little later, I heard a shout of another animal. So when I saw that it was part of a wounded fox is lying and a lioness standing nearby. I felt that the lioness will now make a short fox hunting, but that did not happen.
Graham said the mud was being gradually fox, the tigress was watching him silently. Meanwhile, on the other lions come. I felt that the game will be over now Fox, began to attack the lion to eat him. The fox has come to save the tigress and the lion began to attack from the toes. The lion and the fox left the tigress shortly after you went from there. Graham said that it really was a very emotional moment. Hardly to believe that a ferocious animal like a tiger could do this.