Pregnant women seem to be as soon as the kind-kind things. They received a lot of advice to the unborn child as well as several types of estimates are made. Boy or girl would be twins or a single baby will begin to find many people speculate. Women’s physical structures and the behavior are considered too many illusions. Here we are going to tell some of these myths and reality. First Myth …
Myth one
Sex during pregnancy can harm the baby arrives
Reality- to protect the child from the amniotic sac inside the abdomen Abdominal wall are seven layers. From the cervix into the uterus to prevent anything. It has a clean and infection free. Baby does not reach anything on sex nor her touches. Therefore would not harm him in any way. If the doctor can not refuse to have sex.
Myth two
If the female is larger than the size of the stomach and the size is small, so the girl would be born a boy.
Reality – looking at the size of the stomach, according to experts assessing the sex of the baby can not. The shape of the abdomen of the female muscle size, structure, fetal positions, Poshcr, dependent on fat stored around the belly continues.
Myth three
Having the desire to eat salty and sweet boy when the girl arouses the desire to eat.
Reality – According to experts, the desire to eat has nothing to do with the sex of the child. \
Myth four
Heartburn is the problem of the women believed that the child’s hair will be much better.
Reality – Heartburn during pregnancy is common. This children’s hair has nothing to do with having more or less.
Myth five
If your mother’s pregnancy is simply the same as your
Reality- from Herediti Pregnen
Myth six
Will harm the baby to sleep on your back
Reality- gold in this situation would not cause any harm to the baby. Experts say the left side to sleep in the uterus and placenta blood flow to increase.
Myth seven
Late first child is born.

Reality- baby girl to be born early or late, depending on the Menstrual Cycle. If a small child’s bicycle is likely to cause early and late cycle is larger children are born.
Myth eight
Pregnant woman carrying shackled to the ring on the ring behind the thread goes towards the boy and the girl will be spun in a circle.
Reality- it is just imagination. Nothing.