Bags filled with notes and big guns, some of the Mexican drug mafia live life in style Arcivldo Joaquin Guzman Lora children. Joaquin on social media, which is famous by the name of El Chapo, the young kids are fiercely share your photos. Today we are going to show their photos on social sites are viral. Let such riotously riches …
Mexican drug lord El Chapo’s name is quite famous. 2 months ago escaped from prison of El Chapo child make his father’s riches fiercely. Among these are expensive hobby trains and branded clothing spoiled children are immersed in alcohol and drugs. These Amirjade dog and cat, but animals such as lions and tigers prefer crib. No one will be surprised to see their lifestyle. Money like water shed their hobby. These children tend to follow on social media for many leagues. Many of them date to the request.

Is a long list of children
El Chapo at least 10 children. The drug mafia mostly children on social media quite active are. That day came on Instagram to share photos show samples of their Ayyasion live. His father is fond launch out funds. Gold branded bag full of notes from shotgun to their profile picture exists.

The whole world is trying to find the drug mafia
After escaping from prison consecutive to the whole world is trying to find the police, the drug mafia. If the 34 million US over El Chapo Mexico has a prize of 25 million. Recently, with the son of his father, had a photo on Instagram shares. But he had the location wrong