Countries in the world where men rule the show. World Health Organization (WHO), social institutions and Gender Index (SIGI), United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) reports according to data extracted together, these become hell for the life of women living in 10 countries She goes. Would give birth to a child in a dark room …

Pregnant women in Nepal bordering India have had a tough life. According to the World Health Organization in this country of 24 death of a woman during pregnancy or while giving birth is. Indeed, women’s health in this country religion is placed above. Delivery for the old people who talk on women’s hospital take place in close quarters. If barely survived childbirth When the two women in the same room within the next 13 days would be.
Moreover, the country is still in the child marriage. If for some reason do not get married to the girl he is sold.

SIGI crime against women in the Sudan is the top place. SIGI report, the country has no law against domestic violence. The women wear jeans on the reports of death has come. Not only that, the girl’s rape is punishable by the man to marry her.

Mali is one of the world’s poorest countries. Well, here’s a tough life for both men and women, but women’s condition is worse. In this country where the majority population is malnourished, he got 71% of women are married before 18 years. Additionally, only 25% of the country, women can read and write.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo

War in this country for a long time, people are living in the shadows. According to WHO reports, in this country since 1996, more than 2 lakh cases of rape have been registered. But according to UN reports, more than half the cases are not registered. Combining all the data, so this can be attributed to the condition of women in the country. Many women in this country every year from Aids has killed.

For many years, a period of instability in this country is run. The maximum life of women 46 to 45 years if the men. Literacy rate among women is only 17%. About 85% of women are victims of domestic violence and. Now the Taliban terror of women in this country has declined but still life is still quite difficult.

ISIS terror before the condition of women in the country was very bad. Only 14% of women in this country work. Now, according to the rules of ISIS in Syria, studied girls 7 years starting at 15 ends. Not only that, 9 years of marriage for girls is made forcefully by members of ISIS.

Yes, the list includes India. About 70% of women victims of domestic violence in India is. According to the National Crime Bureau reports, every three minutes a woman is some kind of crime. Additionally, every 29 minutes is a girl’s rape. May surprise you, but still, every 77 minutes a woman lost their lives because of the dowry system is prohibitive. In India, 10 million women have been victims of human trafficking. With 44.4 percent of girls married before the age of 18 is done. 39% of HIV patients in the country are women.

According to the WEF report, Yemen is a very poor life of women than men. Yemen also receives both SIGI Jenders is ranked last in the list of rights. In this country, women can not go out without their husband’s permission. The country’s parliament has 301 members, of which only one is a woman. Half the women in this country, while 52% do not know how to read before marriage for girls is 18 years.

WEF Pakistan to discriminate between men and women have been ranked second in the country. Here 86% of men compared to just a quarter of women are working out. Moreover, women are paid less than men 82%. The men of the crime gang rape of women is used as a punishment. Pakistan before and after the wedding, according to men, women have to live.

According to the UN report, 30% of women in this country have married against their wishes. The age of marriage for girls to 15 boys of 18 years. Once married, women have significantly fewer rights when delivered. Permission to work outside the country, women are not men.