In many countries where sex work is legal, but some countries are systematically regulate sex work. In some places sex worker pays taxes, some countries have government licenses brothels to sex workers in some cities, there is Aikard.
On Thursday, the French parliament declared Illegal sex work to pay money instead. Before the law condemns sex workers had an even exchange for sex to pay Rs 1.84 lakh to the person. From 2.84 lakh. Will be fined up to. At this juncture, we are told about some countries where sex work is legal and is regulated by different laws.
1. Amsterdam: sex work is legal
Sex work is legal in the Netherlands, and the government is regulating it. The sex workers are required to pay taxes as a common service. Netherlands capital Amsterdam is also known for the international sex tourism. De Valen Amsterdam is the biggest red light area. Some reports in the Netherlands the number of sex workers who work between 15 thousand to 30 thousand is stated. Solid data so the front does not work, because many sex workers also conducted without registering. Thailand, Latin America and Europe from other countries come here for sex workers to work.
2. Sex Work in the US is only legal in Nvada
Of silver in Nevada state is also known as the Silver State. About 30 million people in this state Prostitusn is legal. But with this law stipulates that only those Prostitusn will be implemented in the county whose population is more than 4 million. Indeed, the rules for sex work in the US state governments are exempt. Law is not uniform throughout the country. In several other states, sex work, but illegally. The government monitors sex work and brothels in Nevada licenses.
3. Are sex workers in Panama ID Card
Prostitusn in Panama is legal and regulated by the law does. I would take the cards to sex workers. Was registered in 2008 by nearly 2650 sex workers. However, quite a number of other sex workers to work without registering. Famous Tourist Place often sex workers here, deposited with the casino and the hotels appear. However, the interesting thing is that a large number of sex workers from neighboring Colombia to come to Panama to work and charge Rs 1800 3.
4. Germany: the legal Prostitusn
Prostitusn is completely legal in Germany. However, it has to abide by the law have been prepared. Here you can find different kinds brothel. Important thing is that the regular HR firms hired to work in brothels and also could work to add jobs. The government has to tax.
5. The Swiss also legal
Swiss is quite liberal about sex work already. Prostitusn some change in the law in 2013 and the minimum age of 16 was increased to 18 years. However, even after 16 to 18 years if it is caught in prostitution is just fine, but the customer is punishable by up to 3 years.