Manila: The Philippines in Manila, a city cemetery, which deceived you will see a colony of rich people so that they do not. Its called “Cemetery of Chainij Manila’s. Chinese people in the Philippines living in the cemetery are buried inside buildings. This is why they do this about 50-60 year old cemetery …
Chinese people after the death of their loved ones in his memory extension to the cemetery the shape of the house. The reason behind this is that after death the souls of loved ones who suffer and that glory with a comfortable stay. Lgjriys home-like comfort of their graves kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and all amenities are provided. Many old cemetery are no such protection does not, then they have to settle many homeless families.
Has become a tourist spot
This place has been so famously in the Philippines to see that people come from far and wide. Before moving here, I have been created and appointed a guide tells the history of the people here. What every family home or cemetery, and when in whose memory was erected, people are fully informed. As a result, people staying here for a restaurant and hotel were built.