Do you hate listening to all that gyaan about exercising, hitting the gym, eating right, banning sugary desserts and other have-tos that help you shed the flab? Here’s some research that will cheer you up. A study conducted by the University of London found that the increase in obesity, seen over the last three decades, is linked to a decrease in overall daily activity – not necessarily to a direct increase in calorie intake or a decrease in time engaged in structured exercise.

In simple terms, skip that Zumba or kickboxing class if you don’t enjoy it, and eat your favourite foods (though in moderation); yet you can still get an extra fitnessboost from your everyday activities. Here are the

Top 10 ideas:

– Wall squat while brushing your pearly whites. Lean against a wall, place your feet about 18 inches in front of you and slide down into a seated position so that your knees form a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for a minimum of 60 seconds. Do this twice a day, and you’ll feel the muscles tone in your quads, glutes and hamstrings.

– Family time need not be spent in a movie theatre or at home. Plan a day full of activities. Go to a nearby park or clubhouse to cycle, brisk walk, play football or swim together. And on nights when you really want to stay home, replace boardgames with exergames (video games that are also exercises). Board games like Flip2BFit, card games like Yoga Spinner and popular video game systems like Xbox Kinect are ways to bond over fitness.

– Whether you are going to office, the shopping mall or a grocery mart, park your vehicle far away from the parking lot and walk up to the entrance. Taking those extra steps at least thrice a week will do you a lot of good.

– Do seated planks while driving; they help improve posture. Sit up straight so that your ears, shoulders and hips are in a straight line. Relax your shoulders, and engage your abs, drawing them back towards your spine. Hold for 15 seconds, release, and repeat. Do as many sets as possible.

– Plan walking meetings with your colleagues. A lot of meetings don’t actually require a pen and notepad, hence, you can walk and talk.

– Stop using the lift. Climbing the stairs every day increases overall physical activity and helps you work on your lower body as you are literally lifting your own body weight up and down the steps.

Got a call from a long-time friend? Take that call on your feet and start to walk faster as you talk. This way you are burning calories while chatting and having fun.

– Reading documents, checking mails don’t require you to have your hands on the keyboard. Reset your posture. Engage in back, chest and arm stretches to loosen up.
– Can’t miss Game Of Thrones? Turn commercials into fitness breaks by doing lunges, planks and leg lifts during the first, second and third break, respectively.
According to a 2015 statement from American Heart Association, wearable fitness devices, such as the Fitbit, can help improve health and fitness levels. They monitor your steps and accumulated mileage. You can aim for roughly 10,000 steps or about 6 to 8 km a day to burn excess calories.