Leprosy patients in India are considered untouchable. 4 thousand years old suffering from the disease, most people only exclude household. But after homeless people begging bowl has no choice but to live. Toronto photographer Ed Hanley recently living life Indian leprosy patients have tried to show. How leprosy is transmitted …
Indian government in 2005 the country was declared free of leprosy, but the World Health Organization (WHO) in a report released in 2012 by 2 million new leprosy patients were confirmed. Most people believe that the leper by touching or speaking to them the disease is transmitted. In some places, it is also considered genetic. But in fact, due to chronic leprosy bacteria, which is infection of the fluid coming out of the patient’s nose or mouth spreads. Photographer to show the life of the lepers Jesu Ashram in Siliguri in West Bengal, and time spent.
Children and men at increased risk
The children in these disease takes hold very quickly, because in them the ability to fight disease is much lower than others. Stunningly, more men than women fall prey to it. But the discovery of the disease in women compared to men in double time. Society treats women with the most brutal.
The disease is incurable
Leprosy is not incurable. Ditch the drugs continuously, then the cause of the disease can be ended. Regular, multi-drug therapy, the WHO year 6 months of free medicines divides. 2 weeks rid of the disease can be found consuming drugs. But the ignorance and superstition of the treatment of leprosy patients to be regarded place a burden on society.