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Despite what her haters have to say, Sunny Leone has successfully carved a niche for herself in Bollywood. The actress has often expressed her desire to share screen space with the Khans and well, she has now happily checked Shah Rukh Khan’s name on the list. The sexy siren will soon be seen shaking a leg with SRK in his upcoming film, ‘Raees,’ for an item number which is the reprised version of the hit 1980s song, ‘Laila o laila.’ Naturally, the girl was excited and thrilled to be working with her dream star, but no expected the usually confident Sunny to be a bundle of nerves in front of SRK. While talking to IANS about her experience working with King Khan, Leone said that she found it hard to control her emotions and admitted that she behaved like a total dork. She said, “He is very nice, respectful, and professional. I am such a dork, I get shy. I am like that person who doesn’t know what to talk when that person is standing in front of you. You admire them, look upto them and you think ‘they have accomplished so much’, and then they’re in front of you and you just don’t know what to say.”

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