After hearing the name of the sanctity of the church or Christian nun feels frozen, but there are some nuns in California who are Hemp grows. These nuns known as the Sisters of the Valley are in favor of cannabis Liglaijeshn. These women are neither Catholic nor traditionally religious, despite themselves, the nun says. Moon cycle is based on the cultivation of cannabis …
The cultivation of cannabis these nuns are doing the business of selling it online. All these products are organic and back pain, migraine and hangover medicine as work. Bottle and packaging products are also prayer before the nuns. Later it is sent for distribution.
Running dispute over the ban imposed on cannabis
Municipal Corporation of California has banned the cultivation of cannabis. Illegal trade is the reason why these nuns. But the nuns of their legal business license and are fighting for a long time. Please tell all of these nuns PHOTOS two photographers Shaun Crawford and John Dubois Click the series has Fasineting.