The Education Department is working out a master plan to the revamp the education system in the State, Education Minister C. Raveendranath has said.

The government would embark on a data-gathering drive as the first step, Mr. Raveendranath told a meet-the-press programme at the Press Club, here on Thursday. This is expected to take a year to be completed. The government would not seek to view and try to solve issues in isolation. Each issue is symptomatic of a larger malaise that has gripped the State’s education sector, he said.

If needed, a master plan would be prepared for the rejuvenation of each school. The broad thrust would be to strengthen the public education sector in two to three years.

At the root of all problems that beset the education sector are deviations from a secular and democratic education system that Kerala had followed for so many years. Whether it is problems arising from the creation of autonomous or self-financing institutions or whether it is the gradual loss of focus in teaching languages in schools, these deviations form the basis of what went wrong with Kerala’s education system.

Private varsities

In reply to a question on setting up private universities and academic cities in Kerala, Mr. Raveendranath said the LDF government was against an “excess influx” of foreign capital to the higher education sector.

Foreign capital should not be allowed to come in and “subdue our academics,” he explained.

Transfer norms

By the next academic year the government would put in place fair and transparent transfer norms for schoolteachers, he added.