Several maritime accidents are recorded in history, who is surprised to hear about everyone. Or in the event of the sinking of the Titanic ship, whether tsunami havoc. But let me tell you that such a major accident occurred during World War II, when a ship sank in the Baltic Sea 9 Thykjanie thousand people were killed in this incident …
You will be surprised to hear, but to tell the name of a German ship Wilhelm Gstlof Titanic was more than a victim of the accident. Almost 9343 people aboard the ship were killed. However, some people out of the ship began to try to protect themselves, but they also failed. Indeed, the Baltic Sea water temperature was -18 ° C. Within 45 minutes the ship sunk in the depths of the sea. What are viral on social networking sites involved.
Who were the people aboard the ship
But three of Soviet submarines in the Baltic Sea was the attack on the ship, the ship 700 feet long and thousands of tons of heavy it was overturned.