“With the Huracan Avio, you are not just a driver, you’re a pilot.” This is how Lamborghini describes its new supercar. Unveiled in Geneva earlier this year, the Huracan Avio will have a limited production run of only 250 units.
Of those 250 units, a few can find buyers in India, believes Lamborghini. So, this week, on September 22, it is launching the Huracan Avio in the country.
With this model, Lamborghini says “it has honoured the world of aviation and aeronautics.” There are new exterior colour choices and a double stripe in white or grey runs down the length of the car.
The “L 63” decal is emblazoned on each door. “L” represents the name of the company and “63” represents the year in which it was founded. Similarly, the seats feature the “L 63” embroidered logo.
It has a 10-cylinder, 5204cc engine that produces a peak power of 601bhp. Its performance figures are such that, on the ground and in outright acceleration, it can even beat a fighter jet. The Huracan Avio has a maximum speed of 325kph. It goes from 0-100kph in just 3.2 seconds and touches 200kph in a claimed 9.9 seconds. Braking is equally awesome. It stops from 100kph in just 31.9 metres.
Since it is a limited edition supercar, it would be priced like one. We expect it would be priced between Rs 4 crore to Rs 4.5 crore, ex-showroom.