Australia’s 25-year-old Perth resident was ever eats only 500 calories had a taker. He was suffering from an eating disorder. But now he has become a champion bodybuilder and healthy eats 5 times a day. Food promotion company working in Maggie Lane wants to be a role model for others … How Lifestyle change
First, a friend of Maggie was introduced to weight lifting. Women after giving birth to a son in 2012 and became workouts. Maggie now weighs 70 kg. He has taken part in 6 Compitisn bodybuilding and capture top is scored. Now she eats up to 3,000 calories a day.
In a moment Maggie was dieting during pregnancy. Woman says that her mother wanted to be a role model for his son, so decided to change his lifestyle. When women ate only 500 calories had his weight was 51 kg. Let me tell you that as a normal adult woman needs 2,000 calories. Maggie used to drink Diet Coke 4 times a day before and focus on keeping his body was slim.