It will seem strange to hear, but you have an ocean, the lack of water is drying. It is the ocean Jordan, the Dead Sea between Israel and Palestine. The saline water is the highest in the world. This makes the salt water so dense that floats in the Dead Sea is any easier. The Dead Sea, the lowest region on Earth is. It is 423 meters below sea level. Unfathomable heat and salinity due to evaporation of the Dead Sea is 33.7 per cent. The water is 10 times more saline than other seas …
The water is 10 times more salty than the ocean. Dead Sea because of high salinity water in the living find common organism to thrive. It may not be around other animals and plants. That is why it is called the Dead Sea. However, the extremely salty water environment, certain types of plants, fish, fungus and Baktirian exist.
Very healthy
Dead Sea water has medicinal properties and environment. Minimum number of pollen, atmospheric pressure, wind and water dissolved minerals and salts in the human body there is a certain kind of effect. Respiratory and skin diseases to alleviate the Dead Sea is famous for. Dead Sea water is the main source of the Jordan River. It is the longest river in West Asia. Jordan River flowed between Syria and Lebanon. The controversy over the sharing of the waters of the Dead Sea has been overshadowed.
On dry land, the pit
The Dead Sea is shrinking every year a meter. 135 million cubic meters of water each year once the Jordan River to the Dead Sea frequented. Today, only twenty million Kyubikmitr water quenches the thirst of the Dead Sea. Israel and Jordan, the impact of mining is on the ocean. Getting out of the ocean because of shrinking land, the callousness, but due to the moisture in depth there are the huge Sinkhole. According to experts, the water level will go down to 700 meters above sea level.