A few days back, we revealed to you how a renowned cartoonist, motivational speaker and author – KV Gautam REJECTED Salman Khan‘s Bigg Boss 10 coz it wouldn’t fit into his scheme of things. Since then, people have appreciated, criticised and even supported his move over social media. Many people tried to connect with the renowned artiste to know the REAL reason why he said NO to be a part of the popular reality show. And he has finally answered…

Last night, he explained his reason to say no through his post on his Facebook wall, which read as, “Thank you all for tons of messages I got in last few days via Whatsapp, Messenger and phone calls! It was also nice to know that I have admirers in other countries too. Many of you wanted to know the reason for my rejection of BIGG BOSS. The main reason is that it will not suit both my public image and personal temperament. I have image of an ‘intellectual type’. The BIGG BOSS label will do big damage to that image. In fact, organizers of a very high profile event cancelled my speech presuming I will go to Bigg Boss. As a matter of fact, the intellectual class has contempt for shows like this. It’s good to be known by everyone. But one should be known for good reasons. I want to be known for my good work, not fighting, politics or stunts done for a TV show.”

He further added that he doesn’t mind missing out on the show coz he has better things to do in his life. He wrote, “I will not miss Bigg Boss as I have many exciting and fulfilling plans including directing a Hindi comedy feature film. Having said that, it was interesting to note that my rejection of BIGG BOSS got me more publicity and coverage from leading media houses and TV channels, than anything else I have done till date.”

This is not the first time someone has rejected Bigg Boss. Over the years, many celebs including a few A list stars have been approached for the show, but they have said NO coz they wouldn’t be able to deal with a scenario like Bigg Boss where fights, controversies and groupism is a common thing. Plus no contact with the world, less ration and no entertainment system also is a cause of concern for a few people.

Anyway, KV Gautam’s reason is something new. What do you guys have to say about his reason to say NO to Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments section below!