Although most little children would choose to give their teacher a sweet card or a bunch of flowers to express their gratitude, one nursery school student in Kuwait has raised the bar incredibly high by gifting her favourite teacher a brand new luxury Mercedes. Noor Al Faris, 5, was really grateful to her teacher, Nadia, for helping her pass kindergarten.

A newspaper even carried a picture of little Noor sitting on the bonnet of the car, which has, “This car is for my favourite teacher Nadia” written in Arabic on the windscreen. Of course, the expensive gift was bought by Noor’s father, who has not been named, after Miss Nadia helped his child cope from the recent loss of her mother, according to local media reports.

Noor’s father told local reporters that her teacher had played a big role in helping his child progress in school and was a positive role model for the little girl after her mother’s death.