Koffee With Karan’s season 5 has begun with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt on the couch. It’s an unusual jodi on the couch because these two aren’t romantically linked in their film Dear Zindagi. They are just co-actors who only recently formed an equation. So although the promos looked damn interesting, we had our doubts about it being the best premiere episode of the show. Well, after watching it, we can say for sure that it wasn’t. Although it was fun, it wasn’t one of the bests that we have seen on Koffee With Karan. But then it’s Shah Rukh Khan, there’s bound to be moments which will go down in the history. So here are a few moments from the show which will stun you.Last season, all people could talk about was Karan Johar and Shah rukh Khan’s alleged spat which made the latter give the show a miss. Karan got to the point straight away and asked SRK why he didn’t appear on his show last season. SRK said, “I wanted the TRPs to drop a little. I took it so high in the first time.” But the gem was SRK’s answer to Karan’s why do I have to justify my love for you. SRK swooped in saying, “I have to justify my nationalism, you have to justify your love for me.” Touche SRK! He was quick to joke how they should finally release the pictures of them kissing.

SRK – “Alia Bhatt is dating everyone.”

When Karan asked SRK if he knows who Alia is dating, Shah Rukh said she is dating everyone. “I will be disappointed if there are 3 or 4.” He says how he keeps hearing she is dating someone or the other. Alia then butts in saying, “I could have had 3-4 boyfriends but not at one point”. They then pondered over Alia’s ‘legit boyfriend” tag.

#SRK – “I will rip his lips off.”
When Karan was asking Shah Rukh about Alia’s love life, Karan took the opportunity to ask him what SRK would do if a boy kisses his daughter. SRK said, “I will rip his lips off.” Though he covered it with a smile, we feel he meant every word of it. Boys… sorry!

#SRK – “Alia is too good too soon”

Shah Rukh had some really nice things to say about Alia. When asked what was his vibe with Alia on the sets of Dear Zindagi, SRK said, “It was a great learning experience. She is one of the finest actresses of this generation. It was more of a learning experience than what I did with Bhatt saab.” He also mentioned how she is too good too soon. He feels Alia is trapped in great acting without experiencing acting in Indian cinema. “It’s wonderful to be bad at times,” SRK said.

#SRK- Hema Malini once told me I thought you are a serious actor, so I didn’t make you dance.

While talking about how Alia needs to experience all kinds of cinema good bad and ugly, he recollected an incident after finishing the shoot of Dil Aashna Hain which he still remembered. He said that Hema Malini had seen a film before the release of her movie and said, “I thought you are a serious actor, so I didn’t make you dance”.

#Shah Rukh Khan is embarrassed to hear about Alia’s love life

SRK was visibly uncomfortable listening to Alia’s love life. He was finding it extremely discomforting. When Karan asked why, he said how can he ask such personal questions to her. He blushed red and even pretended to hide his face behind the coffee cup.

#Shah Rukh Khan’s most embarrassing moment

Karan revealed that SRK is extremely shy of asking the guy at a store for things. So the actor narrates how Karan would shop with him and take the stuff to the changing room. He even used to get inside the changing room. SRK found it very embarrassing.

#SRK: I am at rest but not at peace.

Karan asks what is his state of mind at present and Shah Rukh says, “At rest but not at peace. Peace is boring. I am not stupid enough to be happy. Last five years I was getting the cinema right. I want to make 5 best films in the world.” Bang on, all the time!

#SRK coins a new word – Demotional for the youth of today

Shah Rukh Khan is a wordsmith. He knows how to put his point across with wordplay. While listening to Alia talk on the show, he suddenly comes up with a new word which makes Alia deliriously happy. He says, “Youth has a gift of detachment. It was thus really nice to work with her honestly. They are just doing it, having fun. You get in that zone as a performing artistes, it’s wonderful, detached but emotional – demotional”. Alia just loved that word.

#Alia Bhat wants to stalk Kangana Ranaut

It was game time and during the rapid fire, Alia was asked if she turned invisible, which actress would she love to stalk. Alia said she would go with Kangana Ranaut as she has lovely airport looks but Alia doesn’t know where is she going most of the times.

#Neither Ranbir Kapoor nor Ranveer Singh for Alia

When Alia was asked about her status, she said she is single and is taking a break from relationships. In fact, when given a choice to choose between Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh for a date, Alia chose pizza over both of them as she isn’t in that space right now.

#Shah Rukh Khan wants to know what is bunny hopping

Alia was asked which actress would she love to have a liaison with and she named Katrina Kaif because they even went bunny hopping. Shah Rukh was amused at the word and demanded to know what it is. Alia explained it to him and Karan couldn’t contain his laughter. She says it’s good for legs! SRK was still amused.

#Shah Rukh Khan regrets passing on 3 Idiots

When asked if SRK regrets saying no to any film, the actor said he would have been the fourth idiot in 3 Idiots. Perhaps he is the fourth idiot for doing so, he feels.

#SRK: Biopic on Salman Khan will be Kal Ho Na Ho, Meri Phir Bhi Chalegi

Karan asked what would Shah Rukh Khan’s biopic be named and the actor said it should be called Kal Ho Na Ho. And what about Salman Khan? “Kal ho na ho, meri phir bhi chalegi,” and everyone bursts out laughing.

#SRK – This coffee hamper win is for Suhana

It goes without saying that Shah Rukh Khan won the rapid fire round and the hamper. He revealed that Suhana has been binge watching all previous seasons of Koffee With Karan. And so he wanted to win it for her. Aww!