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You all heard the horror stories some time in your life will be. But what if the ghost in your selfies to be imprisoned? Today we’re going to show you 10 similar photos, which saw the ghost. Photos will be looking at anyone goosebumps. Pose for Selfi was, but saw some of it flew behind the senses …
Two high school girls of the Philippines, Rizal was taking selfies in school washrooms. But when he saw the photo, the two became afraid. Indeed, they are hiding behind the shadow of a woman sitting in the photo is captured. Both girls say they did not even exist at that time in addition to their washrooms. As a reminder, the Rizal High School since 1980, is called haunted. Supernatural activities here, including many school students are told. It is said that 20 years ago a boy was killed in the school buildings. All believe that his spirit is still linger in school.

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