Have you heard of such a place in India where the people who go to another country without a visa-passport? King of the account is in another country, but the fountain is in India? Probably not heard tell that it is in the village of Nagaland Longwa where tribal people live cognac. Indeed, half of the village in Myanmar’s half in India. The border passes between the house of the king …
Please tell the name of the king of the Tribes is part Ngovang under which Longwa including 75 villages. However, their home between Myanmar and India’s border passes through. As part of his family in Myanmar eats food, but uses for gold border. Please tell the family of the King of Longwa village is also quite large, which includes his 60 wives. The Myanmar army is the king’s son.
Technically have dual citizenship
India-Myanmar border, the people here have the citizenship of both countries technically. So, let them neither Myanmar nor require visas to Indian passport. The people in both countries can move independently.
Head Hunters are called, speak the language Nagmis
Tribes of the people is also known by the name of Head Hunters. They struck his head with the first humans carry. However, since the 1960s there is a head hunting, but in people’s homes can be seen decorated skulls. Please tell the figure is much higher than other tribes. The Nagmis their language, which is made up of the Naga and Assamese language.