The site of the latest battle between Arvind Kejriwal and the BJP is right outside his home.

Since 2 pm on Sunday, BJP MP Maheish Girri has been on a hunger strike under a tent pitched outside Mr Kejriwal’s official home in north Delhi, to protest against the Chief Minister’s allegations involving the murder of an official last month.

Several BJP leaders, including Subramanian Swamy, joined Mr Girri today in an escalating protest as #BaharAaoKejriwal (come out Kejriwal) trended on Twitter.

Mr Girri told NDTV he would not end his protest until Mr Kejriwal came out and apologized for accusing him of a role in the murder of MM Khan, an official of the civic body New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). Yesterday, he had also challenged the Chief Minister to an open debate.

“Anyone who kills someone is now sent to protest outside my house. Why aren’t the police arresting Maheish Girri and questioning him?” Mr Kejriwal questioned, adding, “Are there open debates on murders? Is this the BJP’s criminal justice system?”

MM Khan, an estate officer, was shot dead on May 16, a day before he was to give an order on the terms of the lease of The Connaught, a four-star hotel. The hotel’s owner, Ramesh Kakkar, was arrested along with six others for the murder.

Mr Kejriwal had his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) allege that Mr Girri has links with the man arrested for the official’s murder. Days before the murder, Mr Kejriwal said, Ramesh Kakkar wrote to Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung asking him to sack the official and that letter was forwarded by Mr Girri.

AAP also alleges that NDMC Vice Chairman Karan Singh Tanwar, who also belongs to the BJP, played a suspicious role in the murder.

“The police should ask Maheish Girri about his links to the hotel owner. The police is under pressure from the BJP,” Mr Kejriwal said.

The Delhi Police has reportedly said they have not come across any evidence against either Mr Girri or Mr Tanwar.