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Andhra Pradesh is one such festival which is celebrated each other’s head sticks to distil. Always Kurnool district in the night of Dussehra Devragttu temple hundreds of people would attend. The large number of people are injured and the blood goes to the head. This festival is called Bunny. Is death …
According to the report, despite the bloody nature of the festival lives more data is available. But in 2012, 113 people were injured, while 34 people during 2013 were injured. The death of a man in 2006, but police said the killing was intended to avenge the only recourse was taken Awrh Festival.
Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka border due to be attended by the two nations. Many people fall into the white fabric, but the return trip is already at the red cloth. For the safety of the people present at the festival’s team of doctors and injured people are treated immediately. However, officially the official festival of the temple have been denied any violence.