She’s a yo-yo dieter who is adamant feeling good inside is far more important than body image.And Kerry Katona, 35, proudly displayed her middle during a visit to the park in Tunbridge Wells, on Saturday, with her two daughters Lilly-Sue, 13, and Dylan-Jorge, two.The Atomic Kitten singer wore a sports bra and leggings for the outing, and despite putting on a few inches since she proclaimed she was a size eight earlier this year, Kerry was still full of body confidence.The mother-of-five grabbed her exposed tum as she gazed down at her youngest and pulled a face as she jiggled it around in both hands – something she has previously admitted to making a habit of in front of her children at home.Kerry and Lilly-Sue then both took one of Dylan-George’s hands and playfully swung the youngster as they strolled along the path.The trio packed bread for the ducks, and as they stopped on the grass they were swarmed by a gaggle of geese.They took it in turns to throw pieces of bread to the birds, smiling as they chased after their snacks.Kerry also took her girls out onto a lake in a rowing boat, with Dylan-Jorge safely wrapped in a lifejacket

The singer enthusiastically rowed them out, and they shared plenty of laughs while floating across the water.Handing the oars to Lilly-Sue momentarily, Kerry took a cute selfie with DylanIn an interview with OK! magazine at the turn of the year, Kerry said she was committed to whipping herself into shape.She enthused: ‘I’m going to get into such unbelievable shape that I’ll be unrecognisable. ‘I want smaller boobs, a pert bottom, toned thighs and I’m desperate to get rid of my jelly belly. I chase the kids around the house growling, “Belly’s gonna get ya!”‘ As well as Lilly-Sue and Dylan-George, Kerry is also mother to Molly, 14, Heidi, nine, and Maxwell, eight. Kerry and George separated last year after just 13 months of marriage.