Today, Magnum (@MagnumUK) is the latest UK brand to launch a Promoted Moment. @MagnumUK is using its Moment to celebrate the launch of Magnum Double in Cannes with fashion icon Kendall Jenner (@KendallJenner), giving consumers access to this exclusive event.

As well as using Moments to combine video, GIFs, images, and text in an immersive storytelling format, @MagnumUK is the first brand in the UK to run a Promoted Moment with the content being updated throughout the day. It’s giving consumers a real time, live, and behind-the-scenes insight into events unfolding in Cannes with Magnum and @KendallJenner.

Zoe Eungblut, Global Senior Digital Brand Manager at Unilever, says: “The Twitter Moment is the perfect way to help our UK audience feel like they were part of an event, which is thousands of miles away. We have a wealth of content, a hugely newsworthy event and an incredible A-List ambassador, so curating the content into one unified story was always going to be important to us.

“We pride ourselves on being a pioneering brand, especially when it comes to digital, so using this innovative format for the event was the perfect fit. It allows us to control the content and tell our story in our own words, whilst inviting Twitter along for the ride. It allows us to behave like a publisher, generate conversations around Magnum Cannes, maximise exposure and ensure that the link back to our brand new product, Magnum Doubles, stayed front and centre.”
In addition to the Promoted Moment, which you can see at the end of this post, Magnum is using a number of Twitter products to showcase its #ReleaseTheBeast campaign, including Promoted Video, images, and GIFs. The brand is running a Twitter Q&A with @KendallJenner where she will give fans the opportunity to ask her more about the #ReleaseTheBeast attitude, which inspired her @MagnumUK photo shoot. Finally, @MagnumUK is also creating interactive GIF scratch reels of Kendall dipping her Magnum ice cream in chocolate at the luxurious Magnum Dipping Bar at Cannes Film Festival (@Festival_Cannes).

According to the Lauren Conway, Account Director at MullenLowe Profero: “One of the most challenging things the Magnum Double Cannes celebration is the fast moving nature that the content will be published. It’s happening at breakneck speed so as soon as we have a strong asset, we needed to make sure that it is ownable by the brand and seen by an audience who are on the lookout for breaking news.

“When constructing the Promoted Moment, one of the key things we considered was making sure our key messages landed no matter what iteration of the story you saw. It gave us the opportunity to tailor our narrative to the pieces of content we had, and tell our story in an engaging and interesting way using a variety of media formats.”