The Punjab Chief Minster Mr Parkash Singh Badal said here today that his “doors have always been open” for everyone to discuss any issue concerning Punjab for finding constructive, meaningful ways for the betterment of the people of the state.
Mr Badal however regretted that the AAP leaders were interested only in gheraoing his residence in undemocratic and forcible manner.” I have personally waged struggles all my life in defence of democratic values . But I see no honesty and seriousness behind the move of the AAP in announcing a gherao of my residence. Their eyes are merely on newspaper and television headlines , said the CM
“The biggest issue facing the people of the state at this moment is that of SYL Canal. River water is the life line of the state. On this depends not only the present and future of farmers but also of the entire economy of the state and therefore the welfare and prosperity of every Punjabi,”said Mr Badal.
But, said Mr Badal, it is disgraceful how AAP continued to indulge in double speak on this most critical issue. They do not tire of raising slogans on the issue but at the same time they continue to betray the interests of the state through unbelievable flip-flops on the issue in the Supreme Court against the state of Punjab. Why is their their leader, Mr A Kejriwal, still unwilling to support Punjab on the river waters issue while we have taken a bold and most unprecedented decision . Is this a proof of their love for Punjab? asked Mr Badal, ” The AAP leaders in Punjab should march to Kejriwal’s residence in Delhi to ask him to stop betraying Punjab on SYL in Supreme Court.
The CM said that the stand of the AAP party on the farmers issue is a cause for serious concern for every farmer. ” Their Chief Minister in Delhi is the only Chief Minister to have refused to discontinue his speech even as a farmer, Gajendra SIngh, committed suicide right in front of his own eyes in Delhi. What have they done for the farmers in Delhi? They do not even give free power to them.
Mr Badal said that the AAP leaders should actually march to Delhi and ask their Chief Minister there to implement at least half of the welfare schemes which we have implemented for the welfare of farmers in Punjab. We give free power to the every farmer. Every farmer in Punjab gets Rs 50,000 interest free loan per crop, his life is ensured for Rs five lakh, gets Rs 50,000 as medical care and we are the only state to have set up a Kisan Vikas Chamber on the lines of the FICCI and CII. Punjab is the first state to introduce Pension-cum -Provident Scheme for farmers. Has AAP govt in Delhi done even one of these things for their farmers even though the number of farmers in Delhi does not equal the total number of farmers in even one district of Punjab ”
Mr Badal said that the SAD-BJP government in Punjab would not allow the AAP’s dramatic tantrums to weaken and dilute the struggle of the state for justice on the sensitive issue of river waters.
Mr Badal however reiterated that his doors would always remain open for everyone to discuss the issues facing the state and find solutions to these in a peaceful, democratic manner.”