How long has it been since we talked about Kanye West and Taylor Swift? Not long enough apparently. Like a cosmic convergence of pop cultural supernovas, tonight’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians brings together not only the feud/non-feud between West and Swift but also Fergie’s “M.I.L.F. $” video that is its own constellation of famous Hollywood moms, including Kim, and Kylie’s legit scary stalker situation.
Kim tells Kris and Scott that Kayne is making a video for his song “Famous.” She gives them the outline for the video we’ve now all seen where the celebrities, including Caitlyn Jenner, are naked. Kris questions why he would include Caitlyn. “He likes people that are authentic. People that do what they want to do,” Kim says.
Scott helps us all out when he asks Kim what is going on with the Kayne/Taylor situation. Kim explains it this way: Kanye wrote the song “Famous” with the lyric about how he made Taylor Swift famous (a call back to the Grammys episode), and while he was recording it, he called Swift to get her okay. According to Kim, this is all on video, which she says Kayne has running “24/7” whenever he’s recording anything and especially for the conversation with Taylor because they knew it would be controversial. She says she definitely thinks he cared about how Swift felt about the song. But Taylor must have freaked out about the reaction and just flipped the script.
“So many fake things go on,” Scott says. Kim agrees. “So many. He’s just over it,” she says.
Kim and Kanye catch up about the situation on the phone. He is, as she said, over it. Kim has found out about a recording that someone made when Kanye was ranting about Taylor recanting her story. He says he doesn’t care, but Kim thinks that maybe he should. She’s on top of it and wants to talk to the team. Kayne agrees to let her handle it. “If you think it’s a big deal, I’ll follow your lead.” Kim is in full-on “Stand By Your Man” mode.
Kim shows up at Kourtney’s house to give her the download on her GQ interview. The interviewer asked her about how she felt when Kayne raps about having sex with other women, a pointed reference to the Swift line. Kim tells Kourtney that she was honest with GQ and told them exactly what happened. Kim suggests its just another way for Taylor Swift to play the victim. She says she’s had it with people feeling about her husband a certain way. She wants to protect him.When Kris and Kim discuss the GQ interview, Kris suggests that Kim call Taylor Swift and just straight up ask what happened and how it all went south. “This is what I don’t understand,” Kris says. “Because I really do like her and I like her team, and I like her mom. I don’t understand what made her flip so quickly.”
Kim doesn’t have an answer, but she’s moved more to Kanye’s side of the fence. She’s over it. She says that he did the right thing and tried to be respectful. Kris reiterates her advice to call Taylor. “Thank you for your lovely advice, but I’m not going to take it,” Kim says. End of discussion.
Kim wasn’t the only half of the Kardashian-West unit that was pulling support duty this week. Kayne was on-set for Kim’s appearance in Fergie’s “M.I.L.F. $” video. From the beginning of the episode, Kim was stressing out about her appearance on camera. In the opening segment, she makes her first post-Saint appearance in Las Vegas just after posting that infamous naked selfie. She’s happy with her post-baby body but still not feeling it 100%.
In prepping for the video, Kim meets with B. Åkerlund, the stylist, and creative director. They discuss concepts and looks. Åkerlund asks Kim to describe herself in three words. Kim says she’s hates talking about herself—wait, what?—and can only come up with one word, sexy, before deflecting the conversation. They decide on a swimsuit that “sucks everything in” and a milk shower. Obviously. To Kim’s credit, she says she’s up for anything that that appears to be true. Kim says she’s proud to be part of the sexy mom’s club assembled for the shoot. “We totally get the mom struggle.”
At the actual shoot, Kim’s styling is leaning towards full-on pin-up with long, blonde hair and a bright red lip. Kanye steps in and objects, suggesting to his wife that the look is off-brand for her. Kim is relieved he said something because she agrees but might not have spoken her mind. The shoot goes off without a hitch. Kim doesn’t fall down in the shower on her 10-inch heels. She pours herself into her latex “Got M.I.L.F?” get up. She snaps a selfie with Chrissy Teigen and Fergie. She even gets some good vibes out of the whole thing. “People always say the word MILF, and you hope that you become one,” she says. “ I feel like this song, and this message is all about empowering women.”
Throughout the episode, viewers get glimpses of a serious stalker situation that has become Kylie’s reality. Kris reveals to Kourtney and Kylie that the stalker that Kylie has been dealing with wasn’t actually released from the psychiatric ward where he was being held. He escaped. Someone suggests that Kylie could get a German Shepard attack dog. Kylie imagines that a German Shepard would look cute in photos. Kourtney is concerned. “If she’s worried about taking photos then she’s not taking this seriously enough.”
Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé decide to take extreme measures to scare their youngest sister into taking her stalker more seriously. Kylie’s Snapchat keeps getting her into trouble by posting her location. According to Kourtney, even the cops have warned Kylie away from letting social media tag her location.
In a very old school Arrested Development move, the sisters decide to stage an elaborate prank to “teach her a lesson.” Kourtney and Khloé go to lunch with Kylie. During the meal, she’s Snapchatting away. There is a crowd of paparazzi and fans all waiting when they leave. Kylie’s car is covered in pink balloons with her face on them. She’s confused and embarrassed, but she instantly puts the pieces together. “You guys did this,” Kylie says. No lesson learned today.
Kris tells Kourtney that Kylie called her upset and crying. Kylie felt disrespected, according to Kris. Kourtney admits that the prank was a flop. There were too many people around. Kris explains that Kylie is trying to do so much, and the situation is stressing her out, even if she doesn’t talk about it. If her sisters are trying to get her to take it seriously, there was a better way to go about it.
Kourtney and Kylie clear the air. Kourtney apologizes, and Kylie assures her that she is taking it seriously. Kylie is determined to live her life and says she can’t be scared by these things. Like Kim to Kris about the Taylor situation, Kylie basically says, ‘thanks, but I got this.’
Kayne’s over it. Kim’s over it. Now Kylie’s over it. We can only hope that someone explains it all to Scott.