Love can happen anytime, and you don’t need to hold yourself from this beautiful feeling, even when the one you like is the complete opposite of yourself.If you are an introvert, reading love articles online and the person you think you are falling for is out there, enjoying a movie with his or her friends, there is no reason that you must think that you are not made for each other.

After all, opposites attract the most, don’t they?

However, there are still a few things that you should keep in mind before falling in love with an extrovert.

1. If they are extroverts, it doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the value of a conversation. While it’s true that you might see them glued to their cells talking to their friends or some friends of their friends, they still would sit down with you and talk to you if you ask them to. All you have got to do is ask them for a candid conversation, which you can later take to deeper levels.

2. The key to win an extrovert’s heart is through gratification. Even though it is not unusual for them to do special things for their loved ones, it would be great if you could thank them for what they did. One thing is sure that you won’t regret doing so, because once you thank them, you would get a lot of special moments in future.

3. They are loyal to no end. Being extroverts, they might be talking to several people, even after you get into an intense relationship, but that doesn’t mean that that they are not serious about you. Talking cheerfully comes naturally to them and you should not confuse it with flirting.

4. While introverts like you would generally prefer a theoretical approach in life, your extrovert lover would most probably want to test out things. There are several things that can be learned both as an introvert and an extrovert, and for the sake of your relationship, it would be great for you to maintain a perfect balance between the two.

5. Although it is natural for them to find happiness in small things, it’s the small things that would affect them the most. Your introvert nature can sometimes be a problem for them, as they would most likely be waiting for you to do something special for them, profess your love for them or tell them how much you love them. For maintaining a relationship, you have to, once in a blue moon, step out of your comfort zone.

The key to any strong relationship is mutual understanding. Introvert or extrovert, all it matters is that you love each other and spend some quality time with each other. And don’t worry, we have love tips for extroverts too, that they would keep in mind before falling for you.