Earlier in the week, Saif Ali Khan and his begum Kareena Kapoor were seen trundling off to Bangkok for a working vacation. Saif was to shoot for those commercials and Kareena had just tagged along for fun.

However, according to a Mumbai Mirror report, it was soon discovered that Karisma Kapoor and her surreptitious paramour, Sandeep Toshniwal had also accompanied them. The report further claims that it was Toshniwal’s 37th birthday and the two couples planned on ringing it in together on a holiday.

The airport exit was apparently a big concern, with all the paparazzi present. So the sisters decided to leave the arrival lounge together, while Khan left in a separate car. Toshniwal came out last and left unnoticed in a third car.

Bollywood celebs don’t have it easy, what with the prying eyes of the media being tuned on them constantly. However, some still manage to pull of clandestine affairs. Let’s take a look at some such rumoured couples…