Kareena Kapoor’s recent London trip with husband Saif Ali Khan sparked off rumours of the actress checking into the British nation to relax in the wake of an impending motherhood. And ever since the couple returned to India, reports of Kareena being pregnant spread like wildfire.

Rubbishing those claims Kareena on Thursday told us that she has always been open about her life and would let the world know when the stork comes visiting.

When we asked if there is indeed an impending motherhood as being speculated, Kareena told Indian Express.com, “God willing hopefully. I am a woman. But right now there is nothing to say about it.”

So all talks about you being pregnant were just false rumours, we quizzed. “The fact that you all are talking about it is making me super excited. I gave five hidden children in London,” quipped Kareena.